The I-Search is an inquiry-based research method articulated by Ken Macrorie in his book The I-Search Paper (1988).

The I-Search:

– places the student at the center of the research process.

– spotlights the relationship between the student and the information with which they are interacting.

– empowers students to see themselves as questioners, evaluators, researchers, and writers.

Five Steps of the I-Search hand-print-clipart22.gif

I. MY QUESTION: What I Already Knew, and What I Wanted to Know
II. MY SEARCH PROCESS: The Story of My Search
III. WHAT I HAVE LEARNED: My Findings and Conclusions
IV. WHAT THIS MEANS TO ME: My Growth as a Researcher

Our Experiment with the I-SEARCH

The I-SEARCH Experiment:
The I-SEARCH Experiment (Unabridged):